Crowcon T3


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  • Casing provides shock and vibration protection
  • Proven sensor technology
  • Alerts user to calibration check due
  • Extended usage thanks to lithium-ion battery
  • One-button operation allows unit to be used with gloves
  • Backlit display shows gas readings, diagnostics and battery life

The Tetra 3 multi gas detector is effective in harsh environments thanks to its rugged design and IP65/67 rated casing.  This makes it water and dust resistant and allows it be briefly submerged in water.  The T3 can be securely attached to clothing using the integral alligator clip.

Crowcon have ensured the gas T3 is also reliable and have included a triple alarm system to alert the wearer to the presence of gas.  This includes a 95dB alarm, a bright blue/red visual alarm and an internal vibrating alarm.

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