MSA S-Cap Air


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  • Fluorescent protective carrying bag
  • Easy to train others with
  • Automatic air supply
  • Pneumatic end-of-service indicator is easily visible and turns red before cylinder is exhausted
  • Can be easily checked with vision inspections
  • Easy to refurbish after use
  • Contains a common steel cylinder

The MSA S-Cap Air is a short duration emergency escape breathing device (EEBD) and will provide you with 15 minutes to escape from a dangerous atmosphere.  It’s ideal for applications including on board ships, offshore oil rigs, chemical industries, water utilities and confined spaces.

Please note this particular cylinder is provided as empty.

It’s an extremely easy-to-use escape set and is light to carry.  The bag also features clear instructions on how to don the S-Cap Air, which is as simple as pulling the firing strap, donning the hood and making your escape.

The escape hood included with this EEBD is a bright, visible colour and has a built-in oro-nasal face mask and elastic neck seal.  The elastic neck seal is particularly effective as it increases tightness around the neck.  The large visor allows a great field of vision and the exhalation valve on the hood minimises the risk of visor misting and CO2 accumulation.

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