Drager Saver PP15 Emergency Escape


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  • Can be worn other safety equipment such as ear defenders or helmets
  • Panorama Nova full face mask provides excellent field of vision, defogging and is reliable
  • Wear the PP15 across the chest, on the shoulder or strategically place in a wall unit
  • Case features a document pocket under the lid
  • Requires very little service or maintenance over the first 10 years (unless specified by local regulations)

The Drager Saver PP15 is an emergency escape set which will allow you 15 minutes to safely escape from a hazardous environment where smoke and toxic fumes are present.  This particular version of the PP15 comes in a bright orange soft case and features an integrated full face mask (the Panorama Nova).

The soft bag also comes with photoluminescent panels with reflective stripes to increase visibility and a transparent window to check the pressure of the cylinder.  The bag is both flame retardant and washable and will allow water to be drained freely.

The Drager PP15 works through automatic operation and using positive-pressure.  Once the escape set is opened the breathing air is automatically activated and will provide a continuous air flow until the cylinder is empty.  If a false alarm occurs the unit can be reset easily and cylinders can be refilled without the need for tools.

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