3M Scott CYL-FLITE-SL-COV Composite


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  • To be used with FLITE-COV Airline Bandolier only
  • 2.0 Litre, 300bar Super light composite cylinder providing approximately 15 minutes of breathable air
  • Features automatic change over valve technology
  • Supplied with protective pouch
  • CE Certified
  • Professional Safety Services (UK) Ltd – 3M Scott Safety Authorised Service Agent / Maintenance Services Available

2.0 litre, 300bar super light composite cylinder for the 3M Scott FLITE-COV airline bandolier. supplied with cylinder valve, locking handwheel and regulator, giving a rated 15 minutes duration escape time. The Steel cylinder is CE specification and come complete with pouch and connection hose to apparatus. (Cylinder capacity 540 Litres)

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