BW Icon Gas Detector


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  • Intelliflash green light will show compliance and amber light will show need for maintenance
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Data-logging and event-logging capability
  • Can be bump tested and calibrated
  • IP 66 and 68 rated
  • Icon-driven user interface
  • Uses 1 Series sensors
  • External filters can be accomodated for quick maintenance
  • Performs a self-test upon activation and will automatically performs analog sensor diagnostic every 10 minutes and digital sensor diagnostics every second

The BW Icon has a fixed two-year life.  Once the unit is switched on and activated the Icon’s lifetime begins and there’s no need to replace the battery.

The BW Icon are unique to other detectors in the BW family as its user interface is icon-driven.  Instead of the standard screen, the front of the unit will show right icons including alarm status, STEL and TWA readings, battery status, bluetooth and bump/calibration status.  This will allow quick and easy indication and understanding of what the detector requires or is picking up.  It has a triple alarm system with visual, vibrating, audible (95 dB) for low, high, TWA, STEL, negative drift, over limit, and multi-alarm.

The BW Icon may have a two-year lifetime but it’s simple operation and intuitive features make it a great addition to any gas detection fleet. Both units have been designed to run for approximately two months on a single charge before needing to be recharged.  This provides a great advantage when looking to reduce downtime.  It can be charged via a USB, so can be powered up on the go.

Honeywell’s Intelliflash system can be found on the BW Icon and Icon+ to give the user a quick indication of the unit’s status and alert them to any maintenance actions like bump testing.  It also has IR connectivity for use with the IntelliDoX and the IR connectivity kit.  Both Icon monitors will come with BLE bluetooth enabled as standard to allow connection with their Safety Suite, third party devices and TouchConnect. This software can be used to configure user options such as changing high/low/TWA/STEL alarm set points, latching alarms, assign worker and location assignments and always on.

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