RidgeGear RGL12 Restraint Lanyard


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    A single leg adjustable work restraint safety lanyard which works as a leash for operatives working at height.
    The adjustable feature of this lanyard means the product can be adapted to the correct length for the task at hand. Meaning there is no need to have multiple lanyards. Please ensure that operatives must understand the principles of ‘fall restraint’ as this lanyard should only be used for this purpose. This is due to the fact that the lanyard does not have a shock absorption built into the system. 37kN webbing is used in the manufacturing of this lanyard which provides greater strength compared to other systems.
    This safety lanyard is for restraint purposes only as there is no shock absorption built into the system.

    Length(S) –

    • 0.63m – 1m
    • 0.89m – 1.5m
    • 1.13m – 2m

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