GMI Protege ZM Single Gas Monitor


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  • Includes stainless steel alligator clip
  • Small and lightweight (< 3 oz)
  • Rated to IP66/67
  • One-button activation, easy to use
  • Casing is made from an impact-absorbent rubber material
  • Display will also show gas type, functional test validation, bump test due indicator and battery level

The Protege ZM is a zero-maintenance unit that is small in size but still reliable and robust.  Simply activate the monitor and it will run 24 hours a day for a period of roughly 2 years.  This cannot be switched off and does not require any calibration or charging.  There is a hibernate feature on the Protege ZM which can be activated to allow you to extend your battery life for up to one additional year.  Please note: the hibernation mode is only available on CO and H2S gas monitors.

The unit has two high-visibility LED alarms that will flash when gas is present.  The display will show the time remaining in the monitor’s life on screen, however, this can be configured via the software to show real-time readings.  To assist with inventory the Protege ZM single gas monitors can be assigned a six-character user ID.  The ZM is also configurable using the IR Connect Module and Software.

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