Crowcon Detective+


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    Rugged and robust, Detective+ features either fixed or folding legs and a protective frame that allows stacking for easier storage.

    Available with an optional internal pump for sampling versatility, alarms are announced with an extremely loud sounder, while multiple beacons ensure 360 degree visibility.

    Detective+ may now also be equipped with infra-red (IR) sensors, providing either CO2 detection, or allowing higher levels of flammable gas monitoring. IR sensors also provide immunity to the poisoning effects which standard flammable gas sensors can suffer from. This extends sensor life and further increases measurement confidence in tough applications such as water treatment plants and certain chemical or hydrocarbon processing facilities. Detective+ can be specified with a wide range of sensors, including hydrogen, to monitor a wide range of gases which pose a variety of threats.

    Versatile and user friendly

    • Infrared sensors available – allows sampling of highly flammable gas levels and carbon dioxide. They are also unaffected by poisoning and have a very fast response time.
    • Built-in pump option – provides sampling versatility
    • Built-in display – provides clear information and allows identification of gas hazard

    Rugged, tripod design

    • Raised sensor apertures – prevents water ingress
    • Folding leg option – allows stacking for easier storage and transportation
    • IP65 specifications – for use in challenging environments
    • Triple leg design – Increases unit physical visibility and is the perfect height to allow 360 gas inlet

    Loud and clear alarms

    • 25 Detective NET units or 12 Detective+ with cables can be networked together forming effective perimeter defense – Units on the network can be placed up to 100m from each other and if one alarms, all units on the network alarm.
    • Intelligent and flexible units sending an alarm flash faster – provides guarantee to the use that the unit is functioning properly and they are protected
    • Audible and visual confidence blip
    • Vivid red LED clusters for visual alarm
    • Multiple beacons – ensures 3600 visibility

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