Comet Day & Night Signal


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    Compact, handheld distress signal consisting of a red flare at one end and an orange smoke in the other. Housed in a rugged, corrosion-resistant case. Compact, double-ended signal, ideal for personal use and in small craft, kayaks, windsurfers and aviation.


    • Length: 190mm (7.48ins)

    • Diameter: 30mm (1.18ins)

    • Burning time: Smoke 18 seconds, Flare 20 seconds

    • Light intensity: 15,000 candela

    • Colour of smoke: Orange

    • Colour of flare: Red

    • Weight: 170g (5.95ozs)

    • NEC: 45g (1.575ozs)

    • Ignition: Pull wire igniton

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