Checkmate FABXLR-DB


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  • Capacity Up to 18 m/60ft (NB Stainless steel option is 15m/50ft
  • Stainless steel Wire Rope [FABXR C]4.8mm nom dia 19 x 7 minimum breaking load 15kN
  • Fibre rope [FABXR F]Made with Dyneema®; 5mm dia min breaking load 27kN
  • Maximum Arresting Force<6.0kN
  • User Weight136Kg/300lb Maximum

    The FABXLR-DB is an adjustable bracket designed to mount the FABXLR to the Checkmate TR2/TR3 Tripod and the Reid PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE.


    • One fixing to attach to bracket, negates need for tools to fix to TR3 on site
    • Markings to indicate correct fixings for TR3 and PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE 3 piece design means tailored fixings can be possible (additional cost)
    • To change bracket from Checkmate tripod to a REID PORTA-GANTRY requires 1 sliding rear plate and 2 x 17mm spanners
    • FABXLR can remain in bracket at all times & does not require removal when fitting to gantry or tripod
    • CompatibilityCheckmate TR2/T3 Tripod & REID PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE. May be compatible in other applications (details on request)
    • Unit weight3kg (inclusive of fittings)
    • User weight150Kg maximum

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