Checkmate FABXLR-30CS


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    The FABXLR functions as a standard Fall Arrest Block, but in the event of a fall the rewind/rescue mechanism can be engaged to raise and/or lower a fallen worker. Available with galvanised or stainless steel cable or fibre rope made with Dyneema®, up to 40m metres (130ft) in length.


    • CapacityStainless steel max 35m (115ft)
    • Galvanised Steel max 40m (130ft)
    • Fibre rope made with Dyneema®; max 40m (130ft)
    • Galvanised Wire Rope4.8mm nom dia 19 x 7 minimum breaking load 15kN
    • Fibre ropeMade with Dyneema®; 5mm dia. Min breaking load 27kN
    • Stainless Steel Wire Rope (FABXLR CS)5mm dia 7x19mm min breaking load 15kN
    • Maximum Arresting Force<6.0kN
    • User Weight136Kg Maximum (300lb)

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