Drager Pac 6000 Disposable Single Gas Detector


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  • Crocodile clip allows the unit to be securely fastened to clothing
  • Replaceable filter membrane helps protect the sensor
  • Robust enough for use in tough conditions
  • 360° visual alarm can be easily seen from all sides
  • IP68 rated with a shock-proof and chemical-resistant housing
  • Display shows remaining operating time and battery capacity
  • Bright backlight to aid viewing
  • Compatible with the Drager X-Dock calibration station

The Drager Pac 6000 is a single gas disposable gas detector which is capable of detecting measures of CO, H2S, SO2 or O2.

This unit has a lifetime of up to two years thanks to a powerful battery and this also means that there is virtually zero maintainence required.  It’s a reliable monitor with fast-responding sensors and a large display which allows the user to view any important information.

Each gas (oxgen, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide) is identified by a colour-coded label which ensures that the correct monitor can be accessed from a fleet.  To ensure maximum safety the Drager Pac 6000 has an illuminating D-Ring which shows the device is tested and is ready to be used.

The integrated event logger holds concentrations and events along with the date and time.  This information can be downloaded to a PC through the use of an interface and processed on there.

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