Crowcon Vortex


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  • Easy to maintain – Gases Detected are Oxygen , Hydrogen sulphide & Carbon Monoxide
  • Changeable alarm levels – ensures compliance with changing regulations or company procedure
  • Clip SGD docking station – keeps monitors correctly configurated without service or technical team
  • ‘Bump test due’ indication – alerts the user and team members that the monitor is not compliant and requires a bump test.
  • Compact and lightweight – non-intrusive and comfortable to wear – perfect for any length of shift
  • Single button operation – delivers simplicity for users and reduces training time
  • Wide operating temperature range – effective in a wide range of harsh environments

    Vortex Rack & Panel comprise just the essential input, output and controller modules mounted on a DIN rail. An optional display module is available in panel-mounting and 19″ Rack formats. This configuration is ideal for incorporation into a variety of specialist enclosures, such as 19″ format or those with high ingress protection. Other standard features include RS-485 Modbus communications for remote non-intrusive calibration and configuration.

    Channels and display

    • 1 to 12 channels (including 3 for fire) – up to 12 devices can be monitored by reviewing just one control panel, saving time and manpower
    • Each channel has 1 fault level and 3 alarm levels which can be combined in any pattern to trigger up to 32 output relays – flexibility built in, initially configured to suit your operational needs, then channels/alarms are easily customised by you if requirements change
    • Can be factory set to your requirements. Then when in situ, can easily be configured to suit your needs using PanelsPro software
    • Push buttons on front display – day-to-day operations are easily undertaken
    • LED display panel lights – faults are easily seen and whole system can be checked at a glance

    Installation and maintenance

    • Modbus compatibility – no extensive cabling required; cable connections within the unit are easy
    • Space within units for access to cable terminals
    • Uses industry standard communication links – simple to integrate into existing control systems
    • Any adjustments are performed electronically – minimal maintenance and no drift from adjustable potentiometers
    • Separate zones can be individually inhibited – you can work on specific areas without affecting the rest of the system
    • Modular construction – replacement parts if required, which plug straight in

    Compliance and reliability

    • Validated to IEC 61508 (SIL 1) – demonstrates system dependability
    • System monitors relays continuously – coil faults are identified immediately without input from you
    • Internal battery pack* – power outs are not a problem. Internal battery pack continuously monitored for change levels and connection. System is operational at all times

    *Not available on flameproof versions

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