3M DBI-SALA Delta Comfort Four-Point Safety Harness


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  • Waist, leg & shoulder support pads
  • Front, rear, side & ventral attachment points
  • Adjustable quick release buckles on leg and front chest straps
  • Tool loop
  • Double front waist adjustment
  • Rear waist adjuster for repositioning of side D rings
  • Tail tidies

    Keeping comfortable when working at height doesn’t need to be complicated. This 3M DBI-SALA Delta Comfort safety harness features a no-tangle design and Revolver torso adjustments to make it easy to fit and adjust, plus padded straps to make it easier on your back, hips, legs and shoulders. The water-repellent webbing helps keep the harness dry to reduce the risk of gathering dirt and to avoid chafing. Meanwhile impact indicators help give a quick visual signal that this fall-arrest harness is safe to use.

    • Full body harness
    • Front, rear and side D-ring connection points
    • Comfortable work positioning belt
    • Comfortable padding on the back, hips, shoulders and legs
    • Water-repellent webbing for comfort in wet weather
    • Tangle-free design makes it easy to put on
    • Abrasion-resistant webbing is strong and durable
    • Revolver torso adjustment allows quick and easy fitting
    • Covered identification labels
    • Impact indicators to help with checking for damage

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