Aberdeen Marine Surveyors Ltd (AMS Global Group) has entered into an agreement to start a joint company with Norwegian based Boatlabs, the company’s objective is to share resources to implement Dynamic Positioning, Offshore & Marine services in both markets under the name Boatlabs AMS.

The Company, a 50/50 Joint Venture between AMS and Boatlabs, will share a presence both in Norway and the UK, with headquarters in both states. Through this partnership, AMS and Boatlabs will share their Dynamic Positioning services, seeing both companies expand their offerings available and broaden the geographic limits which they can reach. Under the agreement, AMS and Boatlabs will share financial and technological resources with the intent to leverage the best of both companies and provide an equal quality of service in both markets they occupy.

The partnership will see both companies sharing each other’s reputations as a basis from which to establish the Joint Venture in each other’s domestic markets. AMS has accrued an excellent track record with both oil operators and vessel owners, whilst Boatlabs has an established presence in DP related services, including FMEA’s and DP Trials throughout Norway.

AMS are an innovative organisation committed to restructuring the methods utilised in traditional surveying to guarantee efficiency whilst maintaining quality through its unique client focused approach. This has resulted in a streamlined method which is tailored specific to individual clients’ needs, saving time and cost expenses for all parties involved.

The company also offers marine technical, marine warranty and drilling operations bulk cargo support. The most recent advance to the Group is the addition of the AMS Safety division, now seeing the company boast an array of safety training courses, emergency response confined space rescue teams, fuel & water quality sampling and breathing apparatus and firefighting equipment supply and service. The company carries out its global operations from their Aberdeen headquarters.

Norwegian based Boatlabs have since the founding in 2009 offered innovative and specialised services to clients within the Dynamic Positioning industry, and provide a broad range of services and consultancy within technical, operational, verifications, FMEA and DP Trials, compliance and advisory services to the maritime, energy and offshore oil and gas industry globally. With more than 30 years of experience, the company is an established provider of services on new-build, upgrades and modifications, and vessel topside equipment such as pipe and cable lay equipment, cranes, towers and gangways. Boatlabs personnel are currently also engaged in services related to contracting, new building and project management in shipbuilding.

The complimentary portfolio of services offered by both companies acts as a bank of experience, rendering the Joint Venture in an advantageous position. Both companies will continue to offer their other services separately.