The Challenge:

Providing a quantifiable standard of retained disinfection, in passenger vehicles with high turn over, without undue disruption

Maintaining a clean and bacteria or virus-free environment in passenger vehicles with turn over areas is difficult in normal practise. With an increased standard of cleanliness the current climate, traditional methods for cleaning are not sufficient for retained and certifiable disinfection over a longer period of time.

The Response:

To prove the residual cleanliness and disinfection capabilities of AM71 in passenger vehicles for high passenger turn over areas, surfaces and equipment over a stretch of up to 30 days, compared to other methods.

Our techs took before and after swabs from three regular taxis and then a third swab, 1 week later

before their next treatment.

  • The first taxi was treated using leading supermarket grade disinfectant spray.
  • The second taxi was treated using our electrostatic spray and silver standard product AM5.
  • The third taxi was treated using our electrostatic spray and gold standard product, AM71.

The Result:

Weekly swabs over the same areas show no base level of bacteria in the taxi where gold standard AM71 product was used by our safety techs.

Reassuring drivers, staff and visitors of the company’s attitude to their health and well-being with certifiable cleanliness, with a documented trail.