The Challenge:

Creating an all-encompassing system for off-site draught survey training in a controlled environment.

Draught surveys require qualified professionals to work in a time-sensitive window with complex calculations to establish accurate cargo weights on a vessel. The process supports the agreement of Bill of Lading figures – formal cargo-related documentation – ahead of vessel departure.

High survey volumes within organisations can pose challenges in terms of robust surveyor training, which conventionally includes the shadowing of principal surveyors during both initial and final surveys.

The Response:

AMS has formulated a specialist off-site training package that involves:

  • Using historical data, video walkthroughs and hands-on exercises to simulate a draught survey
  • Replicating a known vessel layout in an office setting
  • A physical walkthrough of an entire survey, with a trainer acting as Chief Officer of the vessel

This training and weight calculation process, once completed to satisfaction, is followed by trainees’ first visits to vessels.

The Result:

The package eases on-site training resource demands as it reduces survey shadowing requirements by 50%.
It also makes beneficial use of surveyor downtime and increases trainee confidence in the draught survey process.