AMS Global Group is pleased to announce it is now an authorized UK and Northern Ireland distributor of the leading COVID-19 disinfection sprayers on the market.

US-based Electrostatic Spraying Systems (ESS) has been in the business of manufacturing spraying systems based on its patented technology for over 30 years. AMS is now offering the latest version of ESS’s electrostatic sprayer technology to clients, available as a service or as an equipment rental with training and technical support provided.

Neil Carr, Director of AMS Global Group, said: “Our new strategic alliance with ESS is great news as this electrostatic sprayer is the best we have seen on the market. It is light weight and portable and is suitable for use safely in offshore oil and gas environments.

“Its unique electrostatic wraparound technology means it delivers the finest spray to ensure the widest coverage. It is an essential tool in the fight against the spread of Covid-19.”

Bruce Whiting, Founder and President of ESS said: “We are excited in working with AMS Global Group to provide additional support and availability of our leading technology to the UK and Ireland. Especially in today’s world, when there is so much uncertainty, we hope that we can bring a sense of relief and that others may benefit from this strategic alliance.”

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